Best Ceilings & Walls of 2022 | Architectural Record

2023-01-06 17:20:03 By : Mr. Yibin Chen

Architectural Record’s annual competition presents the best new materials of the year.

A portfolio of interchangeable acoustic ceiling and wall panels from Armstrong, Tectum DesignArt includes 30 panels, in shapes ranging from triangles to trapezoids, and eight precision-routed patterns. The panels are made from sustainably harvested Wisconsin Aspen and feature 98% USDA certified bio-based content. Philippines Pvc Wall Panel

Best Ceilings & Walls of 2022 | Architectural Record

Designtex has transcribed its Charley Harper upholstery collection into wallcoverings, through digital printing. A modern montage of bugs, animals, and foliage, the low-VOC line comes in 10 colorways and meets standards such as the Healthier Hospitals Initiative.

This wallcovering series from Carnegie Fabrics is an alternative to vinyl, yet it performs much like a type II material. Made of an olefin composite, 20% of which is post-industrial, the collection designs evoke natural textures and are PVC-free, low-VOC, bleach-cleanable, and resistant to pen and ink stains.

Focal Point’s new combined acoustic ceiling and lighting system adds movement and texture to overhead surfaces while optimizing light and sound levels within interior environments. The PET felt baffles contain up to 50% post-consumer recycled content. Three levels of customization are offered.

Rockfon partnered with a color sensory expert to develop this line of vibrant stone-wool acoustic ceiling tiles. Color-all comprises 34 nature-informed tones intended to promote wellness, comfort, and productivity. Available in 2'-square and 2' x 4' formats, the tiles are specifiable for lay-in, tegular, and concealed-edge ceiling systems.

Created in collaboration with Nike, this Kirei acoustic ceiling baffle has a sleek beamlike form with an oblong cutout that exposes its fill material—recycled shoe-textile fluff sourced from the sneaker brand. The exterior hull, available in 33 colors, is made from recycled PET felt. The baffle is offered in four lengths from 40" to 96".

Architect Craig Woehrle and Durasein have developed a series of algorithm-driven parametric designs that are CNC-machined into the latter’s solid-surfacing material. The patterns can be scaled for many interior commercial or residential applications, such as backlit wall panels and furnishings. Patternine comes in sheets up to 144" wide.

The Wilsonart brand New Leaf has expanded its portfolio of high-performance veneers with a matte finish for 30 of its existing wood-grain patterns. This natural-looking surface has an energy-cured performance coating that is said to provide superior resistance to fading and color change, as well as scratches and wear.

Providing optimal acoustic performance, this suspension system by Fräsch comprises 4'-square Hashtag units in a wide range of corner and connection modules, as well as hues, for expansion and customization. The system is fabricated from lightweight 9mm PET that contains 55% post-consumer recycled content.

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Best Ceilings & Walls of 2022 | Architectural Record

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